Bosko Hidraulika

History of the firm

Our activity started in 1990 – László Boskó, as an individual entrepreneur started to apply the Mobile Galvanic Technology that was unrivalled in Hungary that time. In 1995 our activity was expanded to include hard chromium plating. In this year we purchased a new plant and the number of staff reached 10 persons.


By 1999 our scope of activity was expanded to include renewal and manufacturing of hydraulic working cylinders, a new manufacturing hall was purchased and our number of our employees exceeded 40 persons. In 2003, when Hungary joined the European Community, our export activity increased at a high rate and we built a new machining hall. In 2007, our export to the EU represented 70 % of our total production and the number of our staff exceeded 60 persons. In 2009 the wave of economic crisis reached our firm as well, our order pool was restructured; as a result of this, our company was reorganized. From 2010 we have been pursuing our activity under the name: BOSKO-HIDRAULIKA KFT.

Our resources make it possible that we could be at the service of our customers with full scope of hydraulic service sin the areas of designing, manufacturing and maintaining hydraulic working cylinders. Our resources allow us to manufacture unique components, and to do honing and industrial hard chromium plating operations as well.

Policy of our Firm consists of the following three interrelated elements: doing top quality work, providing full service to our customers and providing complex services. We are committed to create clean and ordered work environment and to protecting the values of the environment.