Bosko Hidraulika

Hard chrome plating

The hard chrome deposit will have a low coefficient of friction and will impart exceptional wear characteristics to the component on which it is plated. Hard chrome plating is used to electro deposit a chromium layer that is extremely hard and corrosion resistant. Hard chrome plating can also be used to rebuild or salvage worn parts such as rolls and roll journals, moulding dies and other tools, cylinder liners, crankshafts and mismachined items.

Manufacturing, moulding, mining, agricultural and chemical industries rely on hard chrome. Hard chrome is applied by using chromic acid through an electrolytic process.

Hard chrome plating is often the best way to:

  • repair worn parts
  • increase the life of new parts
  • prevent rust and corrosion
  • add durability to cast iron
  • cold forming tool, mitre of measuring unit


Bosko – Hidraulika admits the hard chrome plating of the outside and inside surface of components:

  • 900-1100 HV hardness
  • 2000 mm length

Chemical Baths

Since quality chrome plating requires a solution free from contaminants, we regularly have the chemical make up of our baths analysed. Both our in-house lab and a independent lab monitor the composition of each bath to guarantee quality.