Bosko Hidraulika

Mobil galvan technology

Mobil Galvan Technology is a portable galvanic system and it can be build up in an arbitrary place. During this metal coating procedure, metals can be covered by metals. It means the Mobil Galvan Technic provides better cohesion, less porosity, more balanced coating tickness, than other surface treatment procedures. During the procedure the component is not heated, so it is stress free, it can not be flawed, and it can not be deformed.

The characteristic of Mobil Galvanic Coating:

  1. It provides extreme hardness, perfect electronic conduction, heat endurance, prevent corrosion and friction weathering.
  2. The inside surface of the bore can be galvanised, if it reaches the 1,5 mm diameter.
  3. Previously defined coating tickness can be produced in more than 1 mm thickness.


  • Coating of small areas
  • Recovering of Huge parts surface
  • Fixtures repairing
  • Clad metals galvanisation
  • Galvanisation of hardly accessible areas
  • Galvanisation of damaged areas:
    • for example: galvanisation of friction weathering, making welding balance…etc.

Areas of application

I. Casting forms and tool production:

  • blow tubes, plastic extruders protection against corrosion and friction weathering
  • servicing of the damaged or worn out dividing edge, corrosion protection before warehousing

II. Hydraulic service:

  • scratch repairing of hydraulic cylinders, pistons, piston-rods

III. Electrical industry:

  • Gilding, silvering, coppering of contact areas

IV. Printing industry:

  • Maintenance of damaged blanket cylinders