Single under body cylinders

TT22 153-7-1523 / Load: 14 t


Model code: TT22 153-7-1523
Product number: 310206643
Stroke length: 1523 mm
Number of stages: 7
Diameter of biggest moving stage: 152 mm
Stroke volume: 14,2 l
Pressure: 250 bar

NUMMI single ram TT-under body cylinders are suitable for both 3-way and rear-end tipping. The cleverly designed external dimensions are kept to a minimum which means that they are easily fitted within a truck’s narrow chassis frame. The mounting cradle of the TT cylinder is reversible which makes it easier to adjust the mounting height. This makes the cylinder compatible with different vehicles and superstructures. The difference between SUT- and TT- models are the cradle, mounting and the knock off system.

Because of its small size, the tipper is very lightweight, meaning the vehicle’s payload is not affected. Assembling the cylinder low in the chassis also has a positive influence on the vehicles center of gravity. The TT’s oil volume also is minimal which makes the cylinder fast and saves further weight.

The TT models can be used for three-way tipping because the cylinder has a rotating joint in both the chassis and the body. The way the cylinder is mounted makes it free from side loads, a fact that together with the hard chrome-plating makes long component life possible.